Last call for the
VI London International Music Competition
On line, by video recordings 
 01/01/2019 –01/02/2019
 Deadline for applications –15/12/2018 
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The competition is open to instrumentalists and singers of any nationality without age limits; soloists or groups.
The possibility to get comments, advice from  professors of different conservatories of London, prominent English musicians (our jury).
Honorable Diplomas for all teachers.
Honorable Diplomas with the title „Best Teacher“ and invitation to the jury of one of the next competitions for teachers with better results in each section.
Invitation in jury for the Grand Prix of categories E, F.
To the winners of Grand Prix and some of the First Prizes – participation in the „Unite in Music“ Concert in the Academic Hall of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome in March of 2021 and the 50% discount for participation in the International Music Competition  „Melos“ to be held in the same hall in the same period.
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