Choir „Srbadija“ has the honor to invite you to join the 19th Edition of The „Majske muzičke svečanosti“ International Choir Festival  & Competition, between 8th to 12th of May 2020 in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. „Majske muzičke svečanosti“ counts 18 interesting and exciting years of high quality choral music, challenged by excellent choirs which are continuously raising its standards and a great variety of intercultural experiences.Festival is open for all kind of choirs in nine categories: mixed choirs, mixed chamber choirs, ortodox sacred music, female choirs, male choirs, children choirs, folklor, vocal ensembles and vocal-instrumental ensembles, and SOLO SINGERS TOO. In past 18 year, our festival gathered over 550 choirs and 30 000 choir singers from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina.Organizer of the Festival is world famous Choir „Srbadija“, choir with very high position on World ranking list of Interkultur.      Looking forward to have you and your choir in our International Festival, Choir „Srbadija“ is sending you the invitation to join our Festival’s 19th edition.We ask you to share information with your colleagues, students, and all
who are interested. If you have any questions, fell free to ask us in any time. 
                                                  Registration open until April 20 2020.
             Details in the attached files (the participation rules and registration forms!)