Beethoven’s Für Elise is among the most recognisable pieces of classical music. But people associate the composer’s work, written in 1810 and signed “Für Elise,” with the piano.

That is, unless you are Steve Onotera, better known as the Samurai Guitarist. Onotera has recorded his own version of Für Elise, played on five guitars, at the same time. “Why? some might ask. Playing five guitars is a ridiculous idea that really offers no benefit. I thought it might be cool though and I wanted to see if it was possible. This is the outcome,” he said.

Onotera, from Winnipeg, Canada, has been building his online profile for several months by performing covers of various pieces of music in an experimental way. He began just sharing videos with his friends through Instagram, but is now considering an offer to appear on talent show America’s Got Talent.

His first big break came last January, when Youtube tweeted its 47 million followers, telling them to have a look at this video of Samurai Guitarist performing a Daft Punk cover. He uses his social media profiles to promote interest in his music, telling an interviewer in January that he sees it as the way of the future to get noticed in the industry, rather than simply playing gigs and building up networks.