Happy and proud to take part at the amazing 7th WPC World Piano Conference in Novi Sad (Serbia)and to represent my country. Wonderful teachers and pianists coming from all over the world, professors in the most important international Academies and Universities !! This morning the World Piano Conference started with two great presenter and topics. Professor Danijela Klickovic, musicologist and master art theoretic at the Isidor Bajić Music Academy with a topic in honor of the great Serbian Composer Isidor Bajic and his wonderful music as well as his contribution to the music education in Serbia. The second wonderful presenter was Ivan Elezović, composer and professor at the Jackson State University where he is Associate Professor and coordinator in Music Theory and composition. Mr. Elezović presented an important Lecture on his composition: Three-dimensional Sound Phenomenon in „Suspension“ for Piano Solo. Really two amazing topics !! In the afternoon an interesting Masterclass of the American Pianist David Glen Hatch from Utah !! Wonderful job dear professors !!